aaj fir

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Koi rutha hua dost aaj bahut yaad aaya,Ek guzra hua waqt aaj bahut yaad aaya,Chupa leta tha jo mere dard ko apne sine mein, Aaj fir dard hua to wo bahut yaad aaya .

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Krishna Key

The philosopher is more important than the stone. Review of ‘The Krishna Key’

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‘Chhedi and Priya were stumped.’ Well, I’m sure most of the characters even inside this novel must’ve been stumped. As a reader and very much an outsider for all that this book has, even I was thoroughly stumped. Just look.

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Half Naked Body, Half Naked Head

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The monsoon made its appearance late this year, just like all our clients who realize as soon as September approaches that a trip to their auditors and chartered accountants is overdue. They ruin our Sundays and make us lose our.

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158lets find a place

Let’s Find a Place

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Let’s find a place today, Were work is as good as play, Were we don’t see any differences, Were communalism has no occurrences, Were we find love in every heart, Were people don’t leave and depart, Were people help in.

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I am a fish

I am a Fish…

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I am a fish who wants to fly Instead of deep, dark, dim Murky waters I want to breathe in Clean and clear Wide and open sky Life in ocean, sea, or lake, River, pool or pond, Bowl or glass.

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I love you Time

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I love you Time, for what you do, You heal us and help us get through, You vaporize our tears, Bring us Fresh-New Years, You put our sorrows into cards, Cards that we mark in Dark, Cards that we can.

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Gahre Zakhm

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Chahat mein teri hum is ghadar masroof ho gaye, Tere zakhmo mein khushi se door ho gaye, Har kisi mein teri bewafai jhlakti hai ab, Tere ishq mein hum ishq se door ho gaye..

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Think smart, Work Smart, Rest Smart

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Here is another short story from my favourites collection.   Once there was a group of man – a young hot-blooded chap and a big number of old folks, doing timber job in a jungle.   This young chap is.

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petal rose

I don’t Love you..

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Sweet four lines I had once written. You love someone, don’t know if you must confess, suddenly someone raises the question when she is around!! A friend who had a clue, Popped up the question in front of you, In.

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I wrote this story when I found my First crush “We are taking kaya to AIIMS, the family doctor has confirmed thet she’s got dengue” said kaya’s mom on phone. suddenly, my body froze in panic. I started sweating gallons.

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