Maa mera woh Khilaona Bhijhwa do,

Nahi toh yaha Dusra Dilwa do.

Maa tumse kuch baat karni thi,

Yeh “Mama” ki shikayath karni thi,

Maa, Mama bahut satate hain,

Mujhe Maarte aur Rulate hain,

School mein Din-Raat kaam karwate hain,

Raat mein bas ek Roti Khilate hai,

Ab bhook se neend nahi aati hai Maa,

Maar ki Dard mujhe jagati hai Maa…

Maa mujhe wapas bula lo,

Koi Lori Suna do, Apni bahon mein sula do……

Author’s Note: Though this topic could have been presented with better words and poetry, I have stuck to the Doggerel style to fit what a small child could have written. This poem is dedicated to a small boy of the village of Panbari.  His Maternal Uncle had promised his mother to take him to the city to give him better education. But instead the little boy was exploited with Child labour and extreme torture. Eventually the little boy passed away due to this continuous torture. May his soul rest in peace.