First love is the most precious..

Feeling a sudden jerk with the irritating sound of my alarm I come back into reality out of my dream land. I see the time and make my easiest daily decision of sleeping for 5 more minutes and I doze off.

“Utho…utho nasir…” My mom wakes me up gently. Hold on not really all that gently.

I get up in a hurry I know I have already missed my bus. I quickly do all the usual morning work. I tell mom I don’t have time to have breakfast.

But wait she already knows that, she just puts forward a glass of milk with added Horlicks and says “Take the bike, don’t be in too much of a hurry”

This was a typical morning from my college days in Bangalore.

On 26th July 2010 I was leaving home to join Accenture Hyderabad. The clock ticked and it was time for me to pick my baggage and leave for the bus stop. My brother quickly helps me with it, in fact leaves nothing for me to pick up. I share a few words with my sister I can see my Mom’s eyes tied to mine. Her eyes are red with tears lining down her cheeks. I find it uneasy to face her. I quickly hug her and say “Koi baat nahi…Hyderabad is really close”

My brother had hired an auto. I quickly settle in it along with my brother and Dad. Along the way my Dad shares some of his important experiences with me. But I was lost in other thoughts, with my Mom’s face flashing in my mind. I start feeling the tightness down my throat. I know I am about to cry I try to look away from my Dad and Bro towards the road and wipe out some of the unstoppable drops. My Dad and Brother see me off, with another emotional encounter with my Dad.

Along the journey my mind quickly moves on with the excitement of starting over in a new city with new people. I did miss home a lot initially but as time passed I got adjusted with staying with friends and did make some really good buddies.

I must admit I really don’t miss home now and I often miss out on calling up my family. But my family never misses out on calling me. I always have lots to discuss with my Brother, sister and Dad on phone about work, plans, taking advice and things happening at their end. But I really don’t have much to discuss with my Mom. My Mom has never been all that talkative throughout. But some questions she always asks are:
“Khana khaya?” (Had Food?)
“ghar kab aa rahe ho?” (When are you coming home?)

My mom always wants me to have good food and come home at least every month.  On the other hand I don’t find it really important on spending on both of these. But these questions touch your heart more than an hour of conversation.

My mom is just a typical Mother and undoubtedly is the person who loves me the most in this world. Guys, you have come to the end of the post and must be wondering when I will meet my first love. The truth is my Mom is my First love!!! The most precious.

This title has been inspired by a YouTube video, but guys think over it isn’t your Mom your first love. She is the person who has brought you to the world and showered her love on you throughout your life.

Three Cheers to all Moms…