By Dhruva Mathur


Not a word tough, harsh and rash.
Just a sentiment brutal, devastating and sickening,
Used for the unobtainable.

Not clear about the obtainable,
Words: happiness, peace and love.
All sentiments,
Indefinably unobtainable.

Misguided beliefs and misconceptions,
Ways of life.
And preludary,
To eludement.

Life, days and years,
Lived without want of the eluded,
Live obnoxiously in memories.

Never forgone,
is the memory of chasing the eludement.



Author note: Words like Eludement and Preludary because despite their incorrect status they are able to convey the message. This poetry talks about the most common human instinct of chasing what cannot be obtained. There has always been a lack of clarity on what is it that one wants to obtain in life. Is it the riches or just the happiness?

Misguided beliefs and misconceptions though are very much a part of life. But they are created due to the ceaseless human struggle to reach the unobtainable. They may be created by the individual himself or fed to the individual by other but they only create a deep gorge between the individual and the unobtainable, thereby making the impossible journey a myth.

Inability to achieve the unobtainable is what strives individuals to work harder. Those who lack the inability to achieve something are never able to relieve the journey and the success. Memories are the only things that can connect them to the other individuals around them.

Yet at the death bed, both individuals who have/have not achieved the unobtainable relive the memory only (not the journey).

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