After his long tiring day, Rihaan is sitting in front of his laptop. He quickly follows his daily routine and opens Facebook. With his first glance at the top of the page he finds a friend request. He gradually opens it and finds that it is from Mehvish D. He is perplexed by the name and unsure who it is. But this name also creates a deep curiosity in him. He quickly opens her profile and is surprised to see who it was.

He is quickly lost in the Nostalgia of his 8th Grade.

“Dude, believe me I just get lost whenever I see her. Man I really don’t know what to do. I need to tell her.”

Santosh replies in a consoling tone “Forget it dude, nothing is going to happen. Believe me. You will make a fool of yourself.”

But Rihaan just knows that he cannot hold his feelings to himself any longer and wants to just confess it to Mehvish. Some were he is just too young and none of his friends have actually been in love till now. He was just the pioneer lover boy of his group.

He finally writes down a note.

I don’t know what I am going through,

But this feeling is just more than true,

Dreaming in Days and having sleepless Nights,

I realize; I just love you…

Only Yours, Rihaan

He folds this note and keeps it in her desk along with a chocolate. He is sitting eagerly in the class waiting for her to come. She finally enters along with her best friend and quickly settles down at her usual place. In no time she notices the note. Opens it, and starts discussing with her friend.

Her friend quickly gets up and walks up to the teacher with the note in her hand. So things just went worst, they just complained to the teacher. Actually this friend of Mehvish was known to be a complain box. He should have anticipated this.

The teacher was also a typical case she just discussed it with the Head Mistress and called his parents for a meeting. So he was completely screwed at home and at school. He had to listen to lectures at home all day. His parents started monitoring him closely asking him questions related to the subject, checking his notebooks, etc.

He was irritated by all this, embarrassed at school and more than anything heartbroken. For him she had just decided to complain, he didn’t hold any value to her.

By the end of the year his Dad was transferred to Hyderabad and his family had to leave Bangalore. He kissed the school good bye and along with it just forgot all about Mehvish.

But she was the first girl he had ever thought of may be the first girl he had ever looked at. Her memories were just inerasable from his mind. He often recalled the time when they often used to sit together in the lunch break and share their lunch boxes. With the early blossoms of adolescence he had started noting her beauty and her simple sweetness. He started enjoying her company, soon started dreaming and soon was in love.

Coming back to reality, he starts exploring her profile. He was shocked to find that she was working for Accenture in Mumbai. He was also working for Accenture but in Hyderabad.

The next day, he just searches her name Mehvish Dilnawaz in the Office Communicator. This was an Instant Messenger system for Accenture colleagues to communicate among themselves. She was online and available.

“Hi, are you Mehvish from St. Paul’s School?”

“Hi !!!! Rihaan J !! How are you doing?? J”

“Doing well, how about u?”

They chat continuously in between their work catching up with everything after school, specifically 8th Grade. They soon start sharing things in detail and became regular chat buddies.

They finally discuss about the incident back in 8th Standard.

“I really didn’t expect you would complain to the teacher. God, you were such a kiddo!!”

“I didn’t want to complain. It was Shamsa. You knew her right…. And you know something; I just regretted that complaining thing so much. That was just not called for. I always wanted to apologize. I am Sorry.”

“Hahaha…It has been ages. Anyways, it’s better late than never. It’s okay. J”

She often pulled his leg that the early lover boy would have found a girl friend or would have had crush on many girls by now.

Rihaan soon admits about his only other crush from college, Nada, whom he had proposed in the final year of Engineering. She had simply refused saying that she never thought of him that way. But then they became closer and started talking more regularly after that. They started spending more time together and he often found reasons to meet her outside college. There was an unsaid bonding between them. But whenever he tried probing her to know what she feels for him he never received much positive response.

After college Nada had to leave Hyderabad to join Wipro in Bangalore. They were in constant touch through phone. However, Rihaan didn’t have much hope for his love story. He knew he had to move on.

Rihaan and Mehvish became really close friends and chatted regularly. If they were too busy in work in the day they would catch up on phone in the evening.

“Hey, I have an internal training in Mumbai. It’s a 2 day training followed by a weekend. So I hope to be guided to visit all nice places there?”

“That’s awesome news!!!! It would be great to have you here.”


Rihaan visit’s Mumbai and gets a chance to meet Mehvish after all these years. Time had only groomed her more and she had turned into a pretty lady. They go site seeing all around Mumbai she shows him the city with complete enthusiasm. It was not clear, was it just exciting for her to meet a lost childhood friend or it was something more than that. But may be for Rihaan it was something more than that.

Meanwhile the frequency of his conversation with Nada had completely fallen. One day he just receives an SMS from her.

Dear Rihaan,

Since I have come to Bangalore I have missed you a lot. Some were I always liked you but just wasn’t clear enough. I finally have to tell you. I love you ‘Dumbo!!’


Nada thought that it was high time. Rihaan was making his attempt since over a year now. She had realized that she had started liking him a lot. May be Rihaan was now heart broke and had enough. She expected he would be elated after reading her SMS.

But was he? The SMS just shook him from the base. This was something he just wanted since a long time. But he was just not feeling happy. He was feeling may be he was about to lose something. May be he had started liking Mehvish once again. He thinks a lot over this.

Finally he tells Nada how he had moved on and has now started liking Mehvish. Nada is heart broke and this was something she never expected. He quickly decides that he needs to confess his feelings to Mehvish.



“There is something I have to tell you.”

“There is something I have to tell you too…I will go first. I am getting engaged!!! J”