I had written this for my 1 year old Nephew when my sister had to move to Delhi along with her Family. Didn’t post it that time due to some hesitation.

Every time I saw you after a while,

Your smile did make me smile,

You forgot me every time I came,

I always made you memorize my name,

Each time I saw you there was a change,

From crawling to running it ranged,

I feel my heart soften,

Now I will see you less often.

Everything you did was cute,

Though you stayed mute,

Hoping and moving round and round,

Your frequent falls to the ground,

You repulsed away from me every time,

Then I made you a friend of mine,

The silence will miss your laughing,

Now I will see you less often.

You are going quite far,

The feeling is sour,

I can’t even see you before you leave,

Though I am filled with grieve,

No worries that your sight will be rare,

Go and just rock the new atmosphere,

You will be brought up with care,

If you need me I will be there,

My heart should not soften,

So what if I will see you less often.